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For a May 2005 deletion debate over this page see Wikipedia:Votes for deletion/Sittner Hall

Will user Harro5 please note:

I saw your point about the dead links and removed them; However, your argument that the article is an advertisement is not legitimate, as it is a simple and factual article about a 59 year-old building which expresses no opinions whatsoever. Neither does the article try to sell a product. Being a college dormitory, people live here because they attend the college, and not the other way around. For an example of an article that has more of an appearance of an advertisement, please refer to your own article on Caulfield Grammar School, which is a product, because there is an enrolment fee.

If you do not like the article because Sittner Hall is not a widely-known building, you are failing to recognize one of the important benefits of Wikipedia- that is to say, numerous articles on subjects that other encyclopedias would not discuss.

If you still view the article on Sittner Hall as an advertisement, and your article on your high school is not, please feel free to clearly explain why. I doubt the Wikipedia administrators will see any legitimacy in your argument.

Sincerely, The person who wrote this article.