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Interesting, but is this better suited to Wiktionary? --Robert Merkel 02:57, 12 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Expand, merge or redirect[edit]

This page is a mere dictionary definition (something which Wikipedia is not). It explains the meaning, etymology and pronunciation of a slang phrase and has some comments and examples on the usage of the phrase. Nothing here rises past what I would expect to read in a truly great unabridged dictionary. The definitions and usage discussions belong over in Wiktionary where folks with the right skills, interests and lexical tools can more easily sort out the meanings and origins.

Options to fix the page here include:

  1. Expand the page with encyclopedic content - that is, content that goes well beyond the merely lexical.
  2. Redirect the page to a more general page on the appropriate sub-genre of slang.
  3. Replace the current contents with a soft-redirect to Wiktionary (usually done using the {{wi}} template).

Pending a better answer, I'm implementing option 3 for now. Rossami (talk) 03:59, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

if there's an entry for 'pork barrel" there should be one for 'cute hoor'.[edit]

I would ask that the notability of this topic be reconsidered favourably - this is a key concept in Irish political life, referred to multiple times a year in Oireachtas and Irish newspaper records since the 80s. It is constantly discussed in the news and a Wikipedia page tracing the use of the term over time would be of value. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Taibhseoir (talkcontribs) 01:52, 21 March 2021 (UTC)