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Strynø is located in Region of Southern Denmark
Coordinates54°54′20″N 10°36′30″E / 54.90556°N 10.60833°E / 54.90556; 10.60833Coordinates: 54°54′20″N 10°36′30″E / 54.90556°N 10.60833°E / 54.90556; 10.60833
ArchipelagoSouth Funen Archipelago
Area4.88 km2 (1.88 sq mi)
RegionRegion of Southern Denmark
MunicipalityLangeland Municipality
Population188 (2019)

Strynø is a small Danish island lying west of Langeland, north-east of Ærø, and south of Tåsinge in the South Funen Archipelago. A constituent part of Langeland municipality, Strynø covers an area of 4.88 km2.

The population of the island on 1 January 2019 was 188.[1]

Strynø hosts one shop, an inn, a kindergarten, a school (ages 5–10), and Øhavets Smakkecenter: a small maritime museum and activities centre.

A ferry service of around eight 30-minute crossings per day connects Strynø with Rudkøbing on Langeland.

Notable people[edit]

  • Hans Egede Saabye (1746 on Strynø – 1817) a Danish priest and a missionary to Greenland where he became an accomplished botanist.


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