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About me[edit]

Hi i'm Gareth and i was born in August 1985 in Melbourne , Victoria , Australia. I am a Bachelor of Business student at melbourne's Victoria University of Technology


I joined Wikipedia on the 23 January2005 . I had heard about Wikipedia and Wiki, a few years ago but never really got the chance to look into it. Thought i would delve into the site some more and take a look, and i'm here to stay. I like the way wiki allows the normal computer user to realyl get in their and contribute. I have a large range of interests, which you will find below. So of course Wikipedia is a great place to come to and read and contribute where i can. It has also been a valuable source for unviersity projects, and various other personal projects. If i make a mistake please bare with me as i have only been here a couple of months.


I have a large range of interests and i hope to make contirbutions for all of them. My main interests are:

  • A new interest of mine is A1 Grand Prix the new World Cup of motor sport, i hope to become a regular contributor of articles for that topic once this brand new motor sport gets into full swing.

This is not a complete list

Wiki Projects[edit]

The following are Wiki Projects i am a member/contirbutor to

To Do[edit]

added infoboxes and/or pictures for
      - Ricky Ponting
      - Michael Bevan
      - Dennis Lillee
      - Rod Marsh
      - Mark Waugh
  • Add articles on A1 Gp
      -Added large updates to the main A1 Grand Prix Article
      -Added country flags to A1 Grand Prix
      -Updated data on A1 Grand Prix for Figo
  • Join Wiki Project Melbourne and make contributions
      -Joined WikiProject_Melbourne on Friday, 29th April 2005 
  • Find a way to get further involved in wikipedia