Police Cadet '84

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Police Cadet '84
TVB Police cadet 84.jpg
Police Cadet '84 poster
Also known as新紮師兄
GenrePolice Drama, Action
Written byWai Ka Fai 韋家輝
Gary Tang 鄧特希
StarringTony Leung 梁朝偉
Maggie Cheung 張曼玉
Carina Lau 劉嘉玲
Sean Lau 劉青雲
David Lui 呂 方
Andy Tai 戴志偉
Eddie Kwan關禮傑
Helena Law 羅蘭
Lau Siu Ming 劉兆銘
Benz Hui 許紹雄
Soh Hang-Suen 蘇杏璇
Richard Ng 吳孟達
Opening themeSet Sail with Me 伴我啟航 by The Little Tigers 小虎隊
Ending themeYou Make Me Happy Too 你令我快樂過 by David Lui 呂 方
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes40
ProducerChiu Chun Keung 招振強
Production locationHong Kong
Camera setup45 minutes
Production companyTelevision Broadcasts Limited
Original networkTVB Jade
First shown inHong Kong
Original release29 October (1984-10-29) –
21 December 1984 (1984-12-21)
Followed byPolice Cadet '85
Police Cadet '88

Police Cadet '84 (Chinese: 新紮師兄; Jyutping: San1 zaat3 Si1 Hing1) is a 1984 TVB police drama TV series which starred then up and coming stars such as Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau, and Sean Lau. The story centers on young police cadets struggles and life at the Police Cadet Academy (based on Royal Hong Kong Police Cadet School). Tragedy, romance, conflicts, and intrigues were featured.

The series was immediately followed by two sequels titled "Police Cadet '85" (where the former cadets from the original series are now sworn police officers and also trainers at the police school) and "Police Cadet '88" (with characters rise through the ranks as CID officers dealing with criminal activities). Both sequels star Tony Leung.

A 2004 Hong Kong film called "Moving Targets" (Chinese title "2004新紮師兄") starring Nicolas Tse, Edison Chen, Simon Yam, and Gillian Chung is based on this drama series.[1]


Cheung Wai Kit joins the Police Cadet Academy school after graduating high school. At the Police Cadet Academy he meets four good friends that he goes through thick and thin with. He joins the Hong Kong Police force after graduating from cadet school. His older half brother Cheung Ga Ming also joins the Hong Kong police force after graduating from university. Due to the stress and hecticness from work he begins to neglect his girlfriend Tse Wing Chi; she then finds comfort in his good friend and former cadet schoolmate Kiu Chi Ho. Whom will she choose in the end?[2]


Main Cast[edit]

The main protagonist of the series. His parents separated when he was very young. His father left his mother for a night club hostess. His mother struggles to make a living by sewing doll clothes at home. His father lies to him about being poor when he and his new family lives in a luxury apartment building and his half brother is provided college tuition to one of Hong Kong's best University's. He decides to enter the Police Cadet Academy since he could not afford to go to University and also hoping that he could become a police officer in order to provide a steady income so his mother can live a better life. Later develops a romantic relationship with his next door neighbor Tse Wing Chi.
Cheung Wai Kit next door neighbor. They grew up together. She is the typical ugly ducking that became a swan. Growing up she had self esteem issues due to being made fun of for her mousy plan looks, thick glasses and her mom and younger sister verbally abusing her. Cheung Wai Kit starts to notice her in a different way once she gets a complete makeover and starts working at Kiu Chi Ho company. She gets caught in a love triangle between Cheung Wai Kit and Kiu Chi Ho.
Cheung Wai Kit's half sister. They meet for the first time after Wai Kit goes to his father home looking for his new wife since she had a quarrel with his mother at a beauty salon. She is intrigue by her father's other family and is the only one seeking a friendly relationship with her half brother and his mother. She meets Wai Kit's friends Fit Lo and Ko Lo Chun by tagging along with him to a camping trip. Ko Lo Chun develops a crush on her but it's Fit Lo who she falls in love with and later marries.
  • Sean Lau 劉青雲 as Fit Lo Ngai Fung Fit佬 倪峰
His name is Ngai Fung but everyone calls him Fit Lo because of his athleticism. He is the star pupil at the Police Cadet Academy. None of the other cadets like him in the beginning but they learn to respect him later on. He lives with his grandmother. He later falls in love with Ka Man. Her mother and brother are against the relationship due to his financially insecure background and his job as police officer. While investigating a case he gets run over by a criminal. He becomes cripple in one leg and goes into a coma. While recovering in the hospital Ka Man's mother sees how much her daughter loves Fit Lo and gives her blessing to the couple. On his wedding day Ka Man's brother shows his disapproval of him marry his sister by injuring his other leg. He leaves Hong Kong and comes back as a rich businessman later on. After his return to Hong Kong he marries Ka Man.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • David Lui 呂方 as Ko Lo Chun 高佬泉
Wai Kit's classmate at the Police Cadet Academy. His name is pronounced the same as "tall man Chun" in Cantonese which is the total opposite of his physical structure since he is short in stature. He does not graduate from the academy due to not being able to pass the physical test. Has a crush on Cheung Ka Man.
Wai Kit's classmate at the Police Cadet Academy. He comes from a well-to-do family. His uncle sends him to the academy hoping he can build up his courage and self esteem. He develops a relationship with Wing Chi when she works for his company.
He is Wai Kit, Ka Man, Ga Ming's father. He left his wife for a night club hostess even though he and Wei Kit's mother has been separated for many years they are still legally married. He lies to Wei Kit and his mother that he is poor when his new family lives in a luxury apartment and his son Ga Ming is able to attend university.
Wei Kit's mother. She is a loving mother who tries her best to provide for her son. She knows the real situation with her husband and his new family but does not tell her son about it. She makes a living sewing doll clothes from her home.
Ka Man and Ga Ming's mother. She was a former night club hostess who forced Wei Kit's father to leave his family when she got pregnant with Ga Ming. She is not mean in nature but feels insecure that she will always be the other women.
  • Andy Tai 戴志偉 as Cheung Ga Ming 張家明
Wei Kit's half brother and Ka Man's brother. He knows the true situation of his family and hates it that his mother is a former night club hostess and home wrecker. Is very protective of his younger sister Ka Man. He mentally cracks when he finds out who his real father is.
Kiu Chi Ho's uncle. He sends his nephew to the Police Cadet academy hoping he can become brave and build up his self esteem.
Wai Kit's instructor at the Academy. He is hard on his students but is really a caring figure.
  • Benz Hui 許紹雄 as Hui Siu Dung 許兆冬
Wai Kit's maternal uncle from his mother side. He is given a nickname "all talk and no do" because he only talks but doesn't do much.


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